Monday, November 22, 2010

school update

Ashley and I both attend Ottawa University where my mom and norm graduated from. My degree is Elementary Education and Ashley is doing a dual major in Business Administration/Management, he will be graduating in about 8 months . We really love this school it is very personal one-on-one, I have 6 students in one class and 8 in another. The classes here are 8 week courses so we can graduate earlier and the classes are at night which works out perfect for Ashley's work schedule and my life with the kids. The teachers here have many years of experience and we really learn what to do in the workforce. Well I can't say enough about Ottawa, but just wanted to give an update for those who didn't know :)

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Stephanie Abney said...

Yay!! Ottawa! :) Hope you don't mind - I found your blog. What a beautiful little family you have.